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Grand Haven, Michigan, 49417

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 I am an independent bicycle mechanic that is placed in  Grand Haven, Michigan.

I do any kind of labor on bikes. However, I do not handle vintage bikes. I have always had a passion for bikes so I figured out I should go ahead and start my own business! I decided to do my own thing because I work best when I am alone. I am 33 years old and my passion for bikes have grown so much over the years and I hope I can put smiles on everyone's face by helping out!

I specialize in road bicycles, but mainly interested in the rim-braking system. Now days, the Industry is trying to get rid of them therefore, I would love  to specialize in it! I am for people not ready to give up on the rim-brake and be able to change many peoples mind about how great biking can truly be mentally and physically! I also would love to teach some lessons and give some feedback as to why biking is so fun and good for the body. I am going to open up sessions to where people can schedule a time and we can about biking! Please schedule by using the contact page, my hours vary day by day but we will always work something out! :)

Ziggy's road bicycle repair can give you a deep analysis what type of riding and mechanical setup you need done to your road bike. This is all al earning experience and I would love to share my passion with others and to be able to connection and change peoples mind set on biking. I am a very hard worker and I will never say no to a challenge:)

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$20- Free wheel cassettes


$13- for bike

$25-Gear cable installation

$25- Brake cables indication

$5- Changing tubes for tires

$15- Adjusting front/back derailed

$15- Adjusting front/bacderailed$25- Gear cable installation